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Why Do a 365-Day Instagram Challenge?

Why am I doing it anyway?

To be honest, I started with the end in mind, and although I love a good challenge, my goal was simple….to create a book that combines my love of photography with my life-long obsession with quotable wisdom…and what easier way to do it than one day at a time.

I’ve been collecting my favorite quotes since I was about 13 years old. Some of them came to me from my friends, some came from Readers Digest (thank you Quotable Quotes), some came from music lyrics (thank you Dan Fogelberg), others came from required reading (thank you Hermann Hesse) and many came from Bartlett’s Quotations.

As a teen, I treasured these bits of truth and steadfastly journaled them into a beautiful cloth-bound book. Over time though, I began to haphazardly stuff the clippings into the back of it until it would no longer close. What I had created, however, became a personal ‘quote-bible’ which I referred to frequently for support, wisdom and guidance. As the years passed and technology evolved, I began to log these bits of wisdom onto my computer and organize them by genre….Acceptance, Joy, Life, Parenting, Resilience, etc. and now, thanks to Google, at the touch of a button I can access an endless array of them in seconds. Continue reading